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Ringneck Parakeet Cage Requirements

In this rather short article you will find the Ringneck Parakeet Cage Requirements as stipulated by Department of Environmental Affairs.   Do they have access to the outside if they escape their cage?! Can they escape their cage?! Psittaculi Kramerii aka Rose-Ringed Parakeet aka Ringneck Parakeet/Parrot   Everyone (should) know by now that Ringneck Parakeets […]


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL RINGNECK BREEDERS       The following is a summary from an article in the PASA magazine (Focus), March 2019 edition. This article contains important information about Ringneck Parakeets that all owners and breeders need to take note of. You can download Focus from the PASA website.   “Chapter 7 of […]

Ringneck Parakeet Record-keeping

  RECORD-KEEPING OF YOUR ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS   Puzzled or worried about your Ringneck Parakeet Record-keeping? To begin with, keeping proper records of your Ringnecks are very important. (As discussed in one of the previous Ringneck Parakeets articles.) This will ensure compliance with the DEA’s conditions for the permit issued to PASA (read more here). By […]