Members – Cacadu Aviculture Association

Come and meet the members of Cacadu Aviculture Association.

The club was formed as a social platform for like-minded bird keepers: the specific intention being to derive benefit for both our birds and us as bird keepers.

It is in the interest of our club and aviculture as a whole to encourage members of younger generations to become interested in and partake in aviculture.

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Meet some of our Members:


Bert Olivier

083 455 2970 – Port Elizabeth

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Bert breeds

Amazons: Blue Fronted, Orange Wing

Parrots: African Greys





Brendon Holmes

083 406 3168 – Port Elizabeth

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Brendon breeds

Senegals, Cockatiels





Doug Nefdt

082 780 2721 – Port Elizabeth

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Doug breeds

Senegals, Ringnecks





Gareth Darney

082 309 2855 – Port Elizabeth

Gareth breeds

Amazons: Blue Fronted, White Fronted, Yellow Crown, Yellow Nape,

Double Yellow, Barbadensis, Yellow Wing Blue Fronted, Blue Cheek,

Green Cheek, Bodini, Mealy, Orange Wing.

Pyrhurra: Crimson Belly, Rose Crowned Griseipectus, Prfrimeri, Pine Apple

Misc: Suahillicus, African Grey, Bare Eye Cockatoo, Celestials

Caiques: White Belly, Green Thigh





Gericke Terblanche

082 320 7548 – Port Elizabeth

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Gericke breeds

Jardines: Greater, Lesser, Blackwing

Conures: Peach-fronted, Pineapple




Picture0034 (2)

Nico Emmerich

076 371 6640 – Port Elizabeth

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Nico breeds

Parrots: African Grays, Celestials, Senegals, Pionuses




Terry Bush

083 275 8207 / 043 730 7576 – East London

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Terry breeds

Parrots: African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Parrots

Parakeets: Rumps, Ringnecks, Princesses, Mantles






Pieter Vermaak – Uitenhage

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Pieter breeds

Parrots: African Greys







Donovan Poole

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Donovan breeds

Parrots: Various parrots and Lorikeets




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