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The CACADU AVICULTURE ASSOCIATION is a social platform for like-minded bird keepers. It is our specific intention to derive benefits for both our birds and us as bird keepers and to promote aviculture as a whole.


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Why should you become a member of the Cacadu Bird Club?


We strive to offer members of this club:

  • regular social gatherings where the whole family are welcome;
  • updates on laws and legislature, ie. CITES, PASA, DEA, etc.
  • at least 6 meetings and/or excursions per year focused on various birds, breeding and bird-keeping as a whole;
    • The main purpose being to:
  • discuss, advise, and help our members with any seasonal / breeding problems they might experience;
  • promote and encourage healthy bird-keeping and -breeding methods
  • encourage, discuss and assist our members with any bird-related queries they might have.



Who should join?

Do you live in and around the Port Elizabeth area and have a keen interest in birds?

Or are you actively involved in bird-keeping and bird-breeding in this area?


Why not apply for membership to the club today?


Regular Club Events are held where fellow bird-lovers, members and their family get together. Events include meetings, socials and excursions.

Take a look here for the particulars of our next meeting. If you prefer a more personal approach, we invite you to attend.


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Please feel free to contact us with any queries you might still have about the club after browsing our website, or send us an email.