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This is the Main Page of our Club’s Events Gallery. Regular Club Events are held where members, their family and fellow bird-lovers get together. Events include meetings, socials, excursions and of course our yearly Christmas get-together – usually held at the end of November/beginning of December each year. Feel free to browse through the collection of photos listed below.


Current Collections in the Events Gallery:



Want to know more about the club’s upcoming events? Find out more on the upcoming meeting/outing page.

Would you like to join our ‘bird-family’ here at Cacadu?  There are many benefits to joining our club, as you can see when browsing through the Events Gallery. Various topics and issues are addressed, presented and discussed during the club’s regular meetings. Everyone is always welcome to ask questions, seek advice and share their own experiences.

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Need to ask us some more questions first? Send an email to or Contact Us through the website.

Need to find out more about the Parrot Association of Southern Africa? Visit their website here.


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