Ringneck Parakeets Permit And Conditions



In previous articles I mentioned the fact that the DEA issued a Ringneck permit to PASA together with a document stipulating the permit conditions.



All Ringneck owners and breeders should fully read, download, and keep a copy of this document at hand. I have no intention of summarizing the document here, nor reproducing its entire content. However, I would like to highlight a few points:


    • Members of PASA are exempted from requiring a permit to keep, breed, move or trade with Ringnecks provided they comply to all of the permit conditions as set out in this document. (These restricted activities exclude the importing of Ringnecks and a separate permit is needed for that.)  Therefore all members must adhere to the PASA Code of Practice regarding the cages, handling, breeding and transport of Rose-ringed Parakeets. View their Code of Conduct document here.
    • The permit is not transferable, relates only to PASA members and is only valid for the period specified by the DEA. That is, unless it is cancelled, revoked or amended by the DEA!
  • It is the responsibility of the PASA member to make certain that all necessary steps has been taken to prevent Ringneck escapes. This includes the control of any escaped bird. I quote (emphasis mine):

“If any members are found to be non-compliant, the agreement between DEA and PASA will be deemed NULL AND VOID”.

  • Failure to comply to any of the conditions as set out in this document will result in the permit being revoked.
  • Keep a copy of the permit conditions, as well as the certificate PASA issued to you close at hand. These documents must be produced when an authorized official requests it.
  • A written notification must immediately be sent to PASA when there is a change of address or premises.
  • Any incident that poses a real or potential threat to the environment must be reported to PASA and the DEA. First by telephone and then followed by a written report.
  • Accurate record-keeping is compulsory. (This is discussed in another article)
  • Ringnecks are to be kept in approved facilities only. (Another article will cover this in detail). Officials from the DEA will carry out random inspections to evaluate compliance to permit conditions, standards, etc.

Failure thereof may “result in, but not limited to, the initiation of legal proceedings”.

  • Selling, loaning, donating, swapping or transporting of Ringnecks to non-members of PASA without a permit is NOT allowed. (Transport requirements of Ringnecks will be discussed in another article).



As mentioned in a previous article, Ringnecks were originally classified as a category 1 invasive species. Only through the continued negotiations between the DEA and PASA, they were moved onto the category 2 list.

From the above document one can conclude that the DEA is not entirely convinced about this. All Ringneck owners and breeders should recognize the importance of compliance with the permit conditions.


Download the 10-page document detailing the Ringneck permit conditions and regulations from PASA website. (For the direct pdf-download link, click here)



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8 comments on Ringneck Parakeets Permit And Conditions

  1. How long do you have to make sure your cages are in order before inspection. Will permits be issues on the same day or is there a waitng period

    1. Hi Brandon,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Whenever you are ready, you can contact us and arrange a date for the inspection. After inspection we will then send an inspection report with all the relevant information to PASA offices for approval. So yes, there is a short waiting period.

      1. Hi Jay-Léé. As mentioned in our articles, it can either be obtained directly from the DEA or through PASA.

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